It's official, TIME Magazine is a complete joke

Joe Klein has reviewed Bush 43’s memoir and is as shallow and clichéd as any leftist can be in it:

As I read on, trapped in the sketchy carelessness of this presidency, I was surprised by how angry I didn’t become. For me, at least, weariness has replaced anger. Bush’s was an exhausting presidency that will, I suspect, be remembered more for its waste — of time, lives, money, moral standing and economic strength — than for anything else. We have survived nearly a decade now since Sept. 11, and the cataclysmic events of that day have receded, not just in memory but in importance, compared with the global economic changes and Wall Street sociopathy that together challenge America’s future pre-eminence. We have not been successfully attacked since, a matter of luck and skill. We do have Bush to thank, in part, for that — but far too much testosterone was spent kicking irrelevant butts and landing, breathless with self-regard, on carrier decks to celebrate victories that were Pyrrhic at best. We struggle to recover from the thoughtless carnage of his tenure.

There’s more of the same detritus at the link but really, all one needs to do to cement TIME’s slippage into tabloid trash is to take a peek at the image they used to accompany Klein’s piece:


There’s really nothing else to say here.  There couldn’t be a clearer case of Bush Derangement Syndrome. 

Joe Klein and TIME Magazine should never be taken seriously again. 

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