Dear Google Reader,

First of all, let me complement you on being a first-rate RSS aggregator. I’ve since given up on any other service, since they sync to you anyways, why bother with a middle man? I’m really amazed at the depth and quality of this product. I would even rate it above Gmail as Google’s #2 product.

But, I do have one quibble. You see, there’s a great function in there that allows you to look at the feeds that are similar to each other. Click the “More like this…” link and it will take you to a few suggestions. And that is where we have a problem.

You see, when I click on Wizbang’s feed, I get some that I completely agree with. You suggest Hot Air and Michelle Malkin. There’s ThinkGeek and Moonbattery. There’s even DailyGame (for reasons I don’t fully understand). And while those recommendations are, at worst, questionable, there is one that just does not work for me at all.

That’s because it is suggesting that Wizbang is like Little Green Footballs. Let me tell you that whatever the algorithm is that suggests similar blogs is, Wizbang is nothing like Little Green Footballs. Maybe 3-4 years ago, but not anymore.

Just so you know.

Your Devoted Fan,


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