Just a couple of quick notes adding to a few things I’ve said in the past few days.

First up, I made a little error in my piece on the Kennedy legacy. I said that there has been a member of the Kennedy family in Congress since 1947. Not quite — between 1961 and 1962, Jack was president and Bobby was Attorney General, but there wasn’t a Kennedy in Congress. Jack’s old Senate seat was held by a Kennedy family coatholder until Ted was old enough to run for Senate. So while the Kennedy hold on power was perhaps at its greatest, there wasn’t a family member in Congress — unless you count Ben Smith, Jack’s college roommate.

Second, on my work situation, I had a little chat with my boss. I explained to him that I understood the company had to make all “reasonable accomodations” for my preggers colleague, and I would be willing to help out a bit, but that I did not consider “Jay takes it in the shorts at every opportunity” to be an acceptable interpretation of “reasonable accomodations.” Further, if I was going to be getting boned on a regular basis over the next most-of-a-year, I would appreciate the occasional kiss or use of lube — or, in other words, some considerations of my own. In return, I was informed that the first formal boning would be next Monday, when my shift would be swapped with hers to accommodate a doctor’s appointment.

Finally, I want to comment on Rick’s earlier piece, when he broke the news of an incident involving the US Navy and a Chinese sub that took place four years ago. Rick blamed it on lack of coffee, but that’s a bit much to blame on caffeine deprivation.

I’m blaming Daylight Savings Time.

Christians attack Muslims in Baghdad