I Finally Feel for You Cancer Stick People

Let me warn you, this image is from an actual fear-mongering proposal brought to you by your federal government.


Yea. Even sometimes I can’t even explain things like this.

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (Tobacco Control Act) requires that cigarette packages and advertisements have larger and more visible graphic health warnings.

FDA issued a proposed rule, Required Warnings for Cigarette Packages and Advertisements, proposing to modify the required warnings that appear on cigarette packages and in cigarette advertisements.  These new required warnings would consist of nine new textual warning statements accompanied by color graphics depicting the negative health consequences of smoking.

Looking at the suggested pictures, it’s just as bad as this one. And really, would this stop any of you addicts out there from lighting up?

No. No it wouldn’t. But at least somebody on a congressional committee with an account at iStockphoto just justified their purchase!

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