Christians attack Muslims in Baghdad

Well, not really, but it’s the only way this story from Iraq would get an airing in the wider press:

At least four people have been killed and dozens injured in a co-ordinated series of attacks on Christian neighbourhoods in Baghdad.

More than 14 bombs and mortar shells were detonated, targeting homes and a church across the Iraqi capital.

At least one of today’s attacks targeted the family of a victim of an assault last week on one of Baghdad’s main cathedrals, which left 53 worshippers dead.

The terrorists identified the family by funeral signs still hanging outside the home.

Three Christian homes in the western Baghdad suburb of Mansour were bombed last night with improvised explosives. Early this morning, two homes were hit by mortar fire in Dora, a Christian neighbourhood in the south. A bomb also exploded near a church in Kampsara and a house in nearby Baladiyat.

The scale of attacks against Christian targets is unprecedented and is likely to give fresh impetus to calls from some Christian leaders for their community to leave Iraq.

In the meanwhile, Obama continues to sing the praises of the religion and ideology responsible for these attacks.

Troubling if true (UPDATED)