Why Are We Still In the UN?

All I can figure is so we can either continuing to apologize for stuff everybody else does worse, or to get blamed…for something everybody else does worse.

Just a reminder, in security-focused news, the US is the source of all evil in the world and must be punished. And it’s the usual UN serial-rights-abusers calling everybody else what they are.

Great quote in the piece from Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:

She said that the 47-member Human Rights Council was "dominated by rogue regimes".

"Serial human rights abusers like Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela all hijacked the platform to attack the US for imaginary violations," she said.

"The US should walk out of this rogues’ gallery and seek to build alternative forums that will actually focus on abuses and deny membership to abusers."

How in the world are we still involved with these idiots?


It’s a bad time to be a laser printer ink cartridge salesman as the TSA bans large printer ink and toner cartridges on inbound flights.

Of course, this is probably all good and proper from a security standpoint. But dadgum, people! Can you take anything on a plane anymore?

Troubling if true (UPDATED)
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