The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict In A Nutshell

Try not to read too much symbolism into this one folks:

Two Israeli ambulances working to help a Palestinian child were attacked by Palestinians.

A little boy fell out of a fifth-floor window in a Palestinian village just outside Jerusalem. Two Israeli ambulances responded to the scene immediately. While the paramedics worked frantically to save his life, other Palestinians formed a mob and started pelting the ambulances with stones. The paramedics managed to escape without injury, but at least one ambulance had its windshield smashed.

There’s no word on the condition of the boy who fell out the window.

Oh, hell, read all the symbolism you want into this one. It’s unavoidable. The Israelis responded to a crisis without question, willing to lend help — and get attacked for it. The Palestinians let their hatred for Israelis dwarf everything else, even the life of a Palestinian child. (Cue Gold Meir’s quote: “Peace will come when the Arabs start to love their children more than they hate us.”) And in the end, the fate of the Palestinian child whose accident triggered the whole thing is unknown and irrelevant.

This is not an aberration. This is an integral part of the Palestinian strategy. Watch this video which had a lot of people up in arms, showing an Israeli pulling a hit and run on a Palestinian youth:

Shocking, right? Now, watch it again and look for these key elements:

1) The curve in the road in the background. (Six seconds.) The driver just came around it, and couldn’t see what was waiting for him.

2) The boy’s actions just before he’s hit. He’s charging the car. (Seven seconds.)

3) The boy’s right hand just before he’s hit. (Seven seconds.) He throws a rock right into the windshield.

4) Two other children also throwing rocks at the car — one of whom is also hit, and knocked down. (Seven seconds.)

4) The cameraman on the far left just as the car stops after hitting the boy. (Nine seconds.) He’s filming the whole thing.

5) Another cameraman takes video of the car as it speeds off. (13 seconds.)

6) A third camerawoman (presumably) filming the whole thing. (14 seconds.)

7) A fourth cameraman crosses the video as the car speeds off. (16 seconds)

8) A fifth cameraman — the one who is shooting this video.

What happened here? It’s clear. A bunch of Palestinians staked out a blind corner. When an Israeli car came around the bend, at least three children charged the car, hurling rocks. The car slammed on the brakes, but couldn’t avoid hitting two of its attackers. The driver stopped, the barrage of rocks continued, and he fled the mob.

Meanwhile, a crowd of adults — including at least five with cameras — watched safely from the sides as the children literally ran into traffic.

This was a cold-blooded attempt at scoring a political victory by literally putting childrens’ lives at stake. This was one of the most obscene actions the Palestinians have ever pulled — and that says a lot, considering some of the other atrocities they’ve achieved or tried. (My prior “favorite” was the woman who was going to an Israeli hospital for free reconstructive surgery for some truly hideous wounds — and tried to get into the hospital with a suicide bomb vest.)

This is the face of the Palestinian cause — make children run into traffic while the adults stand by with cameras to document the whole thing. In that light, stoning ambulances trying to save the life of a Palestinian child makes a whole lot of sense.

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