Barak Can't Dance

There has to be some reasonable explanation of this. Dear God, in Heaven, please let there me some reasonable explanation for this. I have never seen a video so devoid of WIN as to make me feel sorrier for a human being as this.

I can’t even make fun of this. This puts even that mom jeans thing to shame.

See the original here.

PILING ON: from an AP story about Obama’s dancing:

He appeared to resist when students from Holy Name High School in Mumbai approached. Eventually, Obama gave in, got up and strutted his stuff, too. He jumped around a little and made awkward sawing movements with his arms.

Emphasis mine. Dance moves his. Just stay in your zone, Barry.

But we can’t have a story making fun of the current president without a little Bush-bashing, now can we? Huh? Can we? Didn’t think so.

The performance was reminiscent of George W. Bush playing drums during a trip to Africa.

Wait, you mean this performance?

And even this makes a better remix.

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