"We are, by and large, laymen who trust in a white-coated priesthood"

Mark Shea is someone The Anchoress turned me on to sometime back.  To say the dude is intriguing is a little like saying Obama is narcissistic… words just don’t convey the gist.

Mr. Shea makes me think and think hard about my core beliefs, especially when we disagree.  And that I think is most healthy.  But on this issue, we agree and wholeheartedly:

Global warming is one of those things fraught with pseudoknowledge: Knowledge that people “know” not because they actually know it, but because a lot of people in the media have repeated it a lot and lots of other people you know look at you with disdain if you say, “But all you really know is what a lot of people in the media are repeating as fact.”  Very few people are actual scientists with competence in the field.  We are, by and large, laymen who trust in a white-coated priesthood to mediate reality to us.

The problem is, I don’t trust the priesthood and still less do I trust the media.  The reason I don’t is that the media has lied to me in the past, not about global warming, but about global cooling.  In 1975, the nearly unanimous consensus of scientists was that we were on the verge of a new Ice Age, Newsweek darkly warned.  Now the unanimous consensus is that we are undergoing… something whose name keeps changing (always a sinister sign that a scam is being pulled). 

Climate change science I don’t claim to know.  But I know hype.  I work in the media.  And this stuff looks for all the world like it is founded on the fact that the seven basic elements of the modern scientific establishment are time, space, matter, energy, power, prestige, and funding.  Of these seven, there abide these three: power, prestige, and funding.  But the greatest of these is funding. The fact that guys like Lewis get smeared by AGW believers as corporate shills (without a jot of evidence) while the documented complaints they lodge against the shady hijinx of the American Physical Society go completely ignored tells me we are looking at two contending systems of faith, not at the scientific method.  I prefer to get my Faith from the Holy Spirit at work in the Church, not from the sciences.

Global Warming, or whatever the hell it’s called today, is most definitely a religion, one led by snake oil hucksters interested in either making money or making others lose it.  Shea has nailed the movement for what it is. 

A false religion led by wolves in environmental clothing.

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