"You Can Market Carrots"

Oh for God’s sakes.

All those in favor of the Earthquake that sends California into the sea, say “Aye”. If it wasn’t for a cameo by TechTV’s Erica Hill (swoon) and Chewbacca, I’d still be so mad I’d be on my way with both my torch and my pitchfork.

Dear Wacked-Out San Francisco Carrot Peoples: ever heard of a thing called “parents”? These “parents” have the ability (theoretically, at least) to tell children what to eat. For example, one of these “parents” could make their child a meal with food stuffs made in this thing called a “kitchen”. This “kitchen” has appliances that turn food stuffs into meals to be consumed, almost exactly as they are presented in McDonalds.

Love the big-government trope of punishing some huge corporation, by an even larger, more out-of-control government.

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