The LeBron/Cleveland feud heats up… so to speak

Not the usual fare here at Wizbang but… there is a Sports category and nepotism is real… so I’m taking advantage… if Kevin or Jay or other Wizbangers complain, it’ll be my last shot at a sports post (or a shameless plug of my son’s new place)…

Regular readers know that my interest in LeBron James is next to nil.  My sentiments today haven’t really changed much.

My oldest son however is a LeBron James defender and he’s just put something up at his place that I suspect won’t sit well in Cleveland:

Oh Cleveland…you continue to disappoint me. Now you are just coming off as one huge crybaby. I have already relayed the facts surrounding this whole LeBron James decision to leave Cleveland, but let me elaborate even further.

Under your logic, Cleveland, LeBron had no right to leave your city. You believe that LeBron is a ‘quitter’ for doing so. So let me get this straight…LeBron should have felt obligated to stay in your city, even when presented with the opportunity to go play with Wade and Bosh in Miami? I could ask myself ‘why’ a thousand times and still not come up with an answer (a logical answer, Cleveland – nice try). In addition, if you’re an athlete and you are still criticizing LeBron for making the decision, you’re just reacting with emotion – and zero logic. Cleveland, you’re bitter because LeBron chose a city better than yours, and because LeBron will win more championships in Miami. And that’s ok. It’s human nature to have a reaction like that. But we all get the picture. You can stop advertising it to the world how much you ‘hate’ LeBron.

LeBron James made your city a sports city. LeBron James made Cleveland – and all you can do is cry that he left? How about you stop feeling sorry for yourself, Cleveland, and thank him for actually making your city exciting for seven years. For giving the city of Cleveland something it has never had – a basketball superstar.

If you’re a LeBron fan, you’ll love to read it all… If you’re from Cleveland, maybe not so much… but you’re also going to have a thing or two to be pondering.

So head on over, check out the accompanying videos and leave a comment letting him know Dad sent ya.

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