"No Regrets" — Nancy Pelosi

Is there separate universe that Nancy Pelosi goes to where she is loved and adored, and the stuff she does actually works? Aparently so–at least in her mind–as you’ll see in this ABC News video (swear to God they really have a news program on that channel, I know), she has “no regrets”:


One actual highlight in that video was seeing 41 43 introducing her for the first time. Jeez was Dubya gracious. Miss that yet? Made my first ever complete watching of a Diane Sawyer interview doable.


She also makes a prediction for the 2012 Presidential Election (in case you couldn’t make it that far). She’s asked if she thinks Obama has a chance. SPOILER!!! SPOILER!!! she thinks it’s four more wars years END SPOILER!!! Let’s hope she’s still got that Lee Corso-like prognosticating ability.

UPDATE: okay, this is just piling on, but whatever:

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