Slurpeepaloza Gloating

Glenn Beck, love him or not love him, spent a few minutes on his radio show to talk about the Republican gains. Or, actually, the Democrat loses.

And less talks about the loses, and more engages in good-spirited fun. Well, it’s less like good-natured ribbing, and more like…not so good-natured ribbing. More like, say…


No, much worse than gloating.

Like, championship gloating.

Like, nearly 10 minutes of audio and video of a radio program doing what I’ve always wanted to do. This is what running up the score feels like.


Added: just wanted to add that while we in the blogosphere and on ultra-far-right-wing talk radio are having a fun time, the important people still realize they’re on probation.

The American people stood athwart history and yelled, "Stop!"
I don't think Obama got the message