Repubs take House convincingly yet some Dem stalwarts remain especially in the Senate

Let there be no doubt, America has spoken and loudly:

Seizing control of the House and gaining strength in the Senate, triumphant Republicans ushered in a new era of divided government Wednesday and served notice they will confront President Barack Obama with a conservative agenda to cut government and spur private-sector jobs.

“We’ve been given a second chance and a golden opportunity,” Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, No. 2 Republican in the House, said as his party reaped a windfall from independent voters and tea party activists. He called the outcome a rejection of Obama more than an endorsement of the GOP, cautioning fellow Republicans they must to work to win public confidence.

“People want to see results,” he said on CBS’s “The Early Show.” “They want to see the government go on a diet just like they have.”

Republicans scored the biggest party turnover in more than 70 years Tuesday with their win in the House and, in doing so, will dethrone Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi — a prime target of their campaign — who had crashed a political glass ceiling and made history with her elevation to speaker four years ago.

Unfortunately, Boxer, Frank and Reid will live to torment us with their idiocy for yet another term but rather than dwell on that news, let’s end this post on a much higher note.

Two Congressional butt-munches were handed their departure tickets and this is something I’m especially celebrating.

Though a recount is likely, Renee Ellmers defeated Bob Etheridge in the 2nd District of North Carolina… Etheridge you might recall was videotaped assaulting a college student who had the audacity to ask him if he fully supported the Obama agenda.

But one of the biggest reasons to celebrate this morning was Alan Grayson’s defeat in Florida.  Grayson is the acerbic and sharp-tongued idiot in the 8th District of Florida who can now spend his time perhaps as a writer for MSNBC… he will not be missed by anyone with half a brain.

Now the hard part begins for Republicans as they set out to undo the damage foisted on Americans by Obama and his minions, many of whom can no longer be counted on to rubber stamp the Obama agenda.

Here’s looking forward to the next two years and to Barack Hussein’s ouster in 2012.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

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