Pelo-See Ya Later!


Last night was undeniable verification that the American electorate has finally found or at least regained their political back-bone.

By all measures, the results were a blood-bath for the Democrats. Their farcical veil of sincerity has been burned.

Their smug, back of the bus attitude, when coupled with “I won” smarmy gloating, was just too much for the people in America to swallow. No attempts at bi-partisanship. No attempts to listen to the growing dissension by voters on issues of health care, immigration, or taxes. Two years ago they got what they wanted: Majorities all around, which, when coupled with frothing, tow-the-line media pukes like CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos, finally gave proof to voters that the intentions of these lackeys are not sincere.

President Obama’s coat tails have shrunk in a super-hot dryer of political ineptitude. His support was like the kiss of death. For last night’s tectonic Republican victories, it truly is a repudiation of his far-left bullying. People who were hypnotized by Pelosi’s hollow statement to “clean house,” and Obama’s catchy vapid “Hope and Change” mantra are now looking at politics through a clear prism. No longer can a wave of magic words be sufficient enough to swindle people.

Sure Harry “The Mortician” Reid retained his seat. That is a shame. But his Senate majority is significantly weaker than before, and a shot has been fired over the bow of week-kneed, vulnerable Democratic Senators.

It was funny to watch and read the leftist pablum, especially on MSNBC, trying to make Reid’s win sweep away all the Democratic carnage that was inflicted last night.

Pelosi is toast. She may just vomit on the podium when she hands that gavel over to Rep. Boehner.

Then we have the Tea Party. A truly grass-roots phenomenon.

It woke up a punch-drunk electorate, gave them a sense of power, and made them realize that we CAN have an effect, and change the political discourse in this country. No more political caster oil will be swallowed.

Sarah Palin was a winner last night. She did exactly what she predicted. She gave over Governorship of Alaska to her lieutenant Governor due to the fact that her ability to lead Alaska was compromised by leftists bludgeoning her at every opportunity.

She promised to travel the lower 48 states and spread an invigorating message to voters who felt like they had no hope.

She asked a country to listen to common-sense, and lent credence to every man/women thought process. She became a tour-de-force for the Tea Party movement, lending credibility to it, and spoke in ways that connected with voters. No finesse. No empty rhetoric, No policy wonk talk. Just down to Earth, call it like you see it connection.

To bolster that, people began to get annoyed with the Democrats, the liberal media, and smear-mongering by the far-left blogosphere toward her since she was introduced on the national scene. They became afraid of her for hiding nothing and speaking “truth to power.” They attempted to chop the political legs off of her, even attacking her husband and children. The more they tried, the more they revealed themselves as pure liberal hatchet bots.

She gave hope and support to candidates who are not career politicians. Candidates not swayed by lobbyists. Not held under the thumb of party leadership. Those beholden only to the people who believed in and elected them.

Some won, some lost. But it is the new political momentum which, whether Tea Party or not, helped to make this a delicious night for Republicans, and a shameful, deserved night for Liberals.

This is but a step in an arduous journey to right the wrongs inflicted upon our lives by a far-left, radical political agenda, voted in by a duped electorate due to slick P.R. and a smiling, jug-eared dufus who wants us all to be dependent on the mechanism of government.

The war still rages on.

The people who we voted into office better deliver, and not cave in to some sort of “moderate” hypnotism which occurs all to often when the office is won.

Compromise is acceptable in certain instances.

Surrender of ideology is not. We don’t want to give up pieces of our Conservative ideology. We want to beat the hell out of the Liberal movement.

Last night was a magnificent start.

As Nelson from “The Simpsons” would say: HA-ha!

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