I don't think Obama got the message

The man is tone deaf… but you and I knew this:

No one party will be able to dictate where we go from here,” Obama said. “We must find common ground in order to make progress on some uncommonly difficult challenges.” But the president noted that finding such agreement will be difficult, given the different philosophical approaches of the parties and the upcoming presidential season.

“I think it is important to have an honest and civil debate,” Obama said. “I want to enagge both Democrats and Republicans in serious conversations about where we’re going as nation. What the American people don’t want from us ” is spending “the next two years fighting the political battles of past two.”

Noting the upcoming 2012 presidential elections, Obama said he was “not so naive to believe that politics could be put aside.

But “I do hope to make progress on the serious problems facing us right now,” he said. “That’s going to require all of us, including me, to work harder on building consensus.”

Umm… Mr. Hussein Obama… there was consensus yesterday sir… and the consensus is that your agenda sux…

Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. President… there will be no working harder with you on building consensus…  the American people have spoken sir, and they’ve kindly asked you to move aside while grown-ups now engage the problems that face us.

Get outta the way sir.

Sooner rather than later.

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Pelo-See Ya Later!