Election Day Results and Open Comment Thread

It’s getting to be about that time. I’d thought I’d make a place for people to post results and reactions as polls close.

I will issue my usual warning to never, ever trust exit polls. If exit polling data is leaked it is almost always done so in an attempt to influence elections that haven’t closed.

Update: Two interactive maps at the NYT that are pretty well done for both the House and the Senate.

Drudge and others posting exit polls results but I refuse to pay attention to those.

Update by Kim (7:17pm): Fox has already called the Kentucky senate race for Republican and Tea Party supported candidate Rand Paul and the Indiana senate race for Dan Coats. ABC News declared Jim DeMint the winner of his race, too.

Fox has just called Ohio’s open senate seat for conservative Republican Rob Portman, who will take RINO George Voinovich’s place. But get this: the governor’s race is too close to call. Goodness, have Ohio’s voters become schizophrenic in the three years since I left? How could a clear majority of voters have no problem choosing very conservative Rob Portman but have a hard time choosing between Obama Democrat Strickland and Ronald Reagan conservative Kasich?

Update by Kim (8:00pm): Fox has issued new senate projections: Marco Rubio in Florida (yay!), Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut (boo!), Chris Coons in Delaware (boo!), Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire (yay!), Roy Blunt in Missouri (yay!), Barbara Mikulski in Maryland (boo!) and Richard Shelby in Alabama (yay!).

Update by Dan (8:25pm): Nothing officially official, but it looks like Grayson lost in FL. Yes! (Kim adds: I’m doing the happy dance!)

Update by Kim (8:37pm) In a real disappointment, Fox News calls WV Senate for Joe Manchin. This makes the GOP’s chances of taking the Senate even more difficult.

And what will probably be the best news of the night, Alan Grayson goes down!!! Fox just called Florida’s 8th CD for Republican Daniel Webster, and with 67% of the vote counted, Webster defeated Grayson by almost 20 points. YES! That win is particularly satisfying.

Update by Kim (8:46pm): Baron Hill, five term Democrat in Indiana’s 9th CD, has officially lost, according to Fox. Todd Young flipped that seat, considered to be a bell weather, to the GOP.

Update by Dan (8:58pm): Lincoln loses. Not a shock of course but one more time: Lincoln loses!

Update by Kim (9:05pm): Michigan will soon be open for business once again! Rick Snyder is our new governor-elect!

New Hampshire Democrat (CD1) Carol Shea-Porter loses to Republican Frank Guinta!

Update by Dan (9:28pm): House news from Ohio at the Corner.

The GOP is leading against all five targets: Dreihaus (OH-1), Kilroy (OH-15), Renacci (OH-16), Wilson (OH-6), and Space (OH-18). If this holds, it’s a signal for +60 or more.

Update by Kim (10:33pm): A big race for me, Dr. Dan Benishek wins in MI01 after Democrat Gary McDowell conceded.

But what’s completely unexpected is that Sestak is beating Pat Toomey for Pennsylvania Senate. I can’t think of one poll in the past few weeks where Sestak was shown to be leading Toomey.

Update by Kim (10:43pm): Congratulations, Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s new governor-elect!

Update by Kim (10:51pm): Republican Mick Mulvaney defeats 28 year incumbent Democrat John Spratt. He is, or should I say was, the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Update by Kim (10:55pm): Toomey is back up by 15,000-20,000 with over 90% reporting.

Update by Kim (11:00pm): California is lost. Both Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown have been projected the winners of their races. California’s voters deserve all the misery they will get when their state’s economy collapses on top of them. They had the chance to save it by voting for two very talented business women, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, who would have helped them dig out. Instead, they’ve voted for economic catastrophe. Bye, bye, California. It was nice knowing ya.

Update by Dan (11:18pm): Benisheck wins the seat of Stupack, he who compromised on Obamacare.

Update by Kim (11:30pm): Allen West wins Florida CD 22!! I can’t wait to hear Congressman-elect West’s speeches on the floor of the House. He’s going to give the Democrats and the American people an amazing education.

Update by Kim (11:39pm): Republican Renee Ellmers defeats Democrat Bob “Who are you?!” Etheridge.

Update by Kim (11:42pm): Hold the phone on the Boxer/Fiorina race.

Update by Kim (11:57pm): Finally, Ohio’s governor’s race is called for Republican John Kasich! This was a very important race for Barack Obama, which is why he spent more time in Ohio than he did in any other state. Ohio, a very important bell weather, represents the mood of the rest of America. That GOP virtually swept the state is not a good sign for Obama’s hopes for 2012.

Update by Kim (12:11am): In MI07, Republican Tim Walberg defeats freshman Obama Democrat Mark Schauer, who lost every county, except his own.

Update by Kim (12:38am): Regarding the Boxer and Brown projected wins. Tammy Bruce tweeted:

Actual voting is not matching exit poll projections against Fiorina and Whitman
6 minutes ago via Swift

Hope springs eternal!!

Update by Kim (1:04am): Tim Scott wins SC-01. He was one of my favorite candidates along with Allen West. Congratulations, SC-01 voters!!

Update by Kim (1:17am): Stacy McCain has some clips from Allen West’s victory speech. I said that I can’t wait to hear Congressman-elect’s speeches on the floor of the House because he’s going to give the American people and the Democrats an education. If you weren’t sure what I meant by that, watch and learn.

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