Election Day Predictions

I’ve been a little lax here the past few days, and I apologize. Things have gotten seriously hectic at The Day Job and slightly hectic in my personal life, and since this part of my alleged “life” don’t pay the bills, it’s taken it in the shorts. Sorry, folks.

And I gotta get to said Day Job shortly, so this is gonna be a quick one. Well, quick for me, which means less than a thousand words. I think.

Anyway, it’s election day. Seemed like it would never get here, and I can’t believe it’s all over tomorrow. So, let’s toss out some predictions so we can all point and laugh at each other tomorrow.

I’ve conducted extensive research, studied all the polls, and run it through several spreadsheets, and have come up with my predictions on how Congress will stand tomorrow.

OK, as anyone who knows anything at all about me knows already, that’s pure BS. instead, I employed my usual prognosticative methodology: I kept saying numbers in the shower until I decided two “felt” right. And Jay Tea’s Ablutional Analysis says: Senate 50-50, House 250-185.

What makes me pick those numbers? Well, they’re both nice, round numbers, and that’s always appealing. And a split in the Senate will be exceptionally fun for us political junkies, especially since it means that it will keep Joe Biden locked down to being near the Senate for any key issues and in the public eye — and Joe can always be counted on to open his mouth and say something incredibly entertaining.

Finally, a GOP gain is pretty much a guarantee. The only question will be how much, and I’m going big in the House and pretty big in the Senate.

On the other hand, I think we will see record levels of shenanigans at the polls and in the counting — the Democrats have essentially declared war on secure elections, and anyone who think that the Obama/Holder Justice Department will take any kind of action on allegations of voter fraud is seriously delusional. (That could be the topic of another article — I’ve bounced ideas off that subject privately with James H., and he’s given me a historic reference that I might be able to build the whole piece around.)

Anyway, that’s what I’m going on as my prediction for GOP seats after today, with numbers almost entirely pulled out of my butt: 50 Senate, 250 House. What’s yours?

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