Pre-Election Day Pick-Me-Up

There was no October surprise. There is little time left for an effective ad or for a gaffe to swing an election in one way or the other. Many in the country have already voted. Tomorrow the bulk of those “likely to vote” will do so.

Given that it all comes down turnout tomorrow, there is little left to say today. But I did notice this finding over at the Corner and it made me smile.

Nancy Pelosi’s numbers among independents according to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll are almost unbelievably bad-8% favorable, 61% unfavorable.

Then I couldn’t help myself. I sat and thought about how horrific those numbers were indeed and I smiled all over again.

Go vote tomorrow. Don’t get cocky. Don’t assume elections are already decided. Go help decide them yourself. But as you walk into you polling station just think about 8% vs 61% and smile.

Vote. That'll shut her up.
Cable Channel 28 in Delaware "forgot" to air Christine O'Donnel's 30 minute ad buy