Cable Channel 28 in Delaware "forgot" to air Christine O'Donnel's 30 minute ad buy

Apparently, the station “forgot” to air the ad not just once, but twice, according to Christine O’Donnell’s recent tweets.

Last night:

Hear what real Delawareans are saying on Channel 28 at 11:30 PM, then make up your own mind and vote on November 2. #desen
12 hours ago via TweetDeck

1 minute until the premiere of our 30 minute feature. Tune in to meet all the heart warming people I’ve met on the campaign trail. Ch. 28
12 hours ago via txt

Okay… this is NOT our show! Must be a programming mix up. We will get back to you…
11 hours ago via txt

And again this morning:

The Inspiring TV show about Delawareans will air at 10 aam and 3 pm today on Channel 28. Please watch this before you vote.
2 hours ago via txt

This isn’t our show either! We are told channel 28 “forgot” to air it…both times… even though we paid for the time slot last week.
1 hour ago via txt

Channel 28 “forgot” to run their advertiser’s 30 minute ad buys? Who actually believes that? A buy that large is too much money even for a local cable channel to forget to air it. What are the chances this same station would forget to run 30 minute ads for Chris Coons?

I just checked in at the channel’s website and see that a Christine O’Donnell video is up and running, but it’s unclear if it’s also running on its cable channel, which was what the original buy was for.

Between local reporters for Alaska’s CBS affiliate KTVA discussing the various ways they could negatively report on Joe Miller’s campaign and Channel 28 in Delaware “forgetting” to run two of Christine O’Donnell’s 30 minute shows, it seems the local media in these two markets have thrown down the gauntlet. With the Democrats less than 24 hours away from an unprecedented electoral rout, it appears they’ve decided there isn’t any point in pretending any more and have admitted that they are 100% in the tank for the Democrats.

Update: Hot Air placed a link to a WaPo article that also reports on Channel 28’s forgetfulness in its headlines.

Update II: Watch O’Donnell’s ad here:

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