Double Standard

Well, more and more details are coming out about the infamous Rand Paul – Lauren Valle incident earlier, and it’s getting more and more interesting.

Ms. Valle — the paid, professional agent provocateur of — has been making the round of the leftist media, telling her horrifying story of how she was harassed, chased, and beaten by the Rand Paul thugs, ending up with getting her head stomped into a curb.

Tragically, there’s video that contradicts the story that willing dupes like Keith Olbermann are more than happy to swallow. See here and here.

So here’s the story, based on the videos — sorry, Ms. Valle, I’m gonna choose to disbelieve you and believe my lying eyes:

Ms. Valle, as noted, a professional agent provocateur for far-left radical activist group, was paid to fly into Kentucky by said group to stage a stunt to embarrass Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul. The stunt was to put on a disguise and rush Paul while holding a sign referring to’s latest brilliant campaign — to rebrand the Republicans as “RepubliCorp.” She would rush Paul, hand him the sign (or at least hold it in front of him), and get pictures of the incident that (of the infamous “General Betray-us” ads, among other gross acts of asshattery) would then spread far and wide.

Unfortunately for her, things didn’t quite as Valle planned. She was spotted and identified by Paul supporters. They pointed her out to police as a potential troublemaker — but the police declined to do anything.

Shortly thereafter, Paul’s vehicle arrived on the scene. Valle broke from the crowd and rushed the right side still-moving vehicle, shoving her sign into the window until Paul’s security people shoved her back. Then as the vehicle stopped and Paul exited, she circled around the vehicle clockwise, cut across the front of the SUV, and rushed Paul again. This is when the Paul supporters grabbed her and forced her to the ground.

At that point one Paul volunteer, Tim Profitt, got involved. He was standing next to where Valle had been brought down. She was on her side — he put his foot on her shoulder and shoved her down on to her face.

No, he didn’t stomp her, and his foot was not on her head.

Another Paul supporter then told Profitt to knock it off, and Profitt took his foot away.

That’s the incident. At least, as recorded by the videos on the scene, before Valle started rewriting history to suit her agenda.

Now, I’ve said many times I’m no lawyer. I think I have a slightly above-average understanding of the law, but I know I’m no lawyer. And I’m going to apply my layman’s knowledge to the situation, and — as usual — find metaphors and analogies that I think apply.

To me, the key elements are the actions and the backgrounds of the two principals in the incident: Valle and Profitt.

Lauren Valle, as noted, is a professional political activist with a lengthy record (including criminal) of getting involved in political stunts. She gets paid by leftists to cause disruptions and wreak havoc against their political foes.

Profitt, on the other hand, was just the opposite of Valle. Instead of being paid to attend, he was a volunteer. Even more contrasting, he was also a hefty donor to Paul’s campaign. Valle was paid to be there; Profitt, in a sense, had paid to be there.

As I understand the law, there’s a doctrine called “the good Samaritan” principle. That says that if someone happens on a situation and tries to help, they are safe from any accidental harm they might cause. For example, if I come across a car accident and find a person bleeding, I might put on a tourniquet. It might not be the best thing, and it might cost the person their arm, but I can’t be sued — because I did what I thought was right at that time.

There’s an exception, though. If the “good Samaritan” is a medically-trained professional like a doctor, nurse, or EMT, they can — and are — held responsible for mistakes they make. They are held to a higher standard, because it is presumed that they ought to know better, and their mistakes are less understandable and forgivable.

In this context, I would apply the same principle. Profitt was an amateur in the field of political stunts, and acted as he saw best to help further restrain a disruptive person who had already assaulted Paul (look it up — shoving a sign into the window of a moving car certainly ought to qualify) once and tried to do so again. When trying to restrain someone, putting them face-down is natural; it’s the most helpless position. And he showed some restraint — he didn’t stomp down on her, he placed his foot on her shoulder and pushed.

On the other hand, Valle has a lengthy record of political activism, and has actually been indicted on felony charges for ecoterrorism in Louisiana. She was arrested in New York for chaining herself to Citibank’s headquarters. She was arrested at the Beijing Olympics for protesting that government’s human rights abuses. (OK, that one I’ll give her. That’s almost a badge of honor.) So she has lost any “amateur” standing in the field of political stunts — she’s a skilled pro who knows exactly what she is doing.

Further, she instigated the whole situation. She accepted the assignment to pull a political “hit” on Paul. She flew in from her home in Massachusetts (why does this not surprise me?), got her “RepubliCorp” sign, put on a disguise (including a blonde wig), and charged a moving vehicle (and not some little Prius, but a big SUV) with the sole intent of causing a disruption. And while she didn’t succeed in pulling off what she wanted to — a picture of Paul with the “RepubliCorp” sign — she is now crafting a new myth: the harmless little woman beaten and assaulted by the Paul Brownshirts.

And here’s another element that irritates me: the constant emphasis of how she was alone, just one girl — and not even a very big one. She’s petite (that’s polite-speak for “short and skinny”), and here she is being manhandled by all these big, tough guys just for showing up with her sign.

Give. Me. A. Break.

She’s using her sex here. She’s exploiting her sex and diminutive size to portray the other side as bullies when she initiated the conflict. How sexist is that?

Remember Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme? She’s five-four and maybe a hundred pounds. She got within a few feet of President Ford with a gun, and only failed in shooting him by her own incompetence (she’d ejected the round in the chamber at home, and neglected to chamber another round before pulling the trigger).

Remember Sarah Jane Moore? She was utterly average in appearance. She actually got a shot off at Ford, but a bystander spotted the gun and knocked it aside as she pulled the trigger.

Remember Lee Harvey Oswald? He was a scrawny little nebbish, not worth looking twice at.

Remeber Leon Czolgosz? He was just this guy with an injured hand — but the bandage didn’t contain a wounded appendage, but a gun that took the life of President McKinley.

Remember John Wilkes Booth? He was a renowned actor from a royal family of acting. He wasn’t involved in politics.

Remember Wayne Williams? He was this skinny, short, mousy black guy from Atlanta. He certainly didn’t look like a serial killer.

Remember Mark David Chapman? Chubby nerd with nerd glasses — and a fixation on John Lennon.

Remember Ted Bundy? He was this nice, charming guy with his arm in a sling who was embarrassed that he had to ask women for help.

The point here is you can’t judge by appearances, but by conduct. Yeah, Valle is a tiny little thing, but she was acting like someone intent on causing harm. And she was treated as such.

Apparently, in the eyes of the law (especially from leftist legal types, who see Valle as some kind of martyr), Profitt’s offense is far greater than hers, and is what deserves all the attention and legal sanction. But in Jay Tea’s Court Of Common Sense, Profitt should get a slap on the wrist (quite literally), while Valle should spend some time in jail.

But, as I said, I Am Not A Lawyer. I don’t even play one on the internet.

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