This Story Has Nothing To Do With ObamaCare

In Massachusetts, a former case manager for a state welfare program has been indicted on charges that she shook down applicants for assistance. It seems that Valerie Herron told folks that their applications for aid would take a little time unless they paid an “expediting fee” (cash only, of course). Those who paid her got their applications pushed through a wee bit faster; those who declined, got to wait.

The state, of course, has no such fee in place and saw none of the money.

Herron allegedly pulled her little scam for at least five months until anonymous tips led to an investigation — leading to her indictment almost a year and a half later.

To even think of using this story as an example of just what may happen once the federal government is in charge of everyone’s health care, and not just providing food stamps to the indigent, is completely uncalled for and inappropriate and wrong, and any of you who made that utterly inappropriate connection should report yourselves to the nearest re-education camp.

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