Warning Shots

The election’s barely a week away, and we’re already getting signs of just how the Democrats might be trying to win it — by hook or by crook, with emphasis on “crook.”

If there is one aspect of our system that we simply cannot bear any assing around with, it is free and fair elections. Any kind of attempt to circumvent the laws governing elections needs to be stomped down, and stomped down hard.

Let’s start small. Let’s start with First Lady Michelle Obama. She returned to Chicago to cast her early vote last week, and in the process decided to do a bit of impromptu politicking — in the polling station.

No big deal, right? Yeah, it’s against the law, but it’s trivial, in the big picture. And it was probably an innocent mistake.

Sorry, she doesn’t get that excuse. She’s the wife of a career politician, an Ivy League-educated lawyer, and her father was a Democratic precinct captain in Chicago. She simply cannot plead ignorance. Arrogance, yes — after all she’s the First Lady and the laws for little people shouldn’t apply to her — but not ignorance.

As wrong as it was, that’s small potatoes. Hell, that’s not even potatoes, it’s parsley. Where’s the beef?

There’s enough beef to dress up Lady Gaga for the rest of her life.

Down in Houston, Texas, Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is hanging around a polling place, chatting up voters and hassling poll watchers.

Meanwhile, in Harris County, a group of citizens have taken it upon themselves to do what our public officials can’t be bothered to do — comply with the law and clean up the voter registration rolls. In response for exposing the blatant fraud and chicanery, they’re being demonized and even sued.

In Arizona and Colorado, we are reminded that while ACORN might be gone in name, its legacy lives on — as an SEIU subsidiary is continuing the tradition of flooding voter rolls with bogus registrations.

This shit’s gotta stop. This shit’s gotta get beaten down, and beaten down hard.

And it’s clear that the Obama/Holder Justice Department isn’t the least bit interested in doing any of that.

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