Why Does NPR Hate Black People?

Let’s play a little game.

Do you recognize this woman?

Probably not.

She is Vivian Schiller, President and CEO of NPR.

Do you recognize this man?


He is Antoine W. van Agtmael, Chairman of  the NPR Foundation. He’s also a big wig in the World Bank.


What about all these folks?]]>< ![CDATA[








That’s the entire Board of Directors at NPR.

And a lot of white faces.

Oh, sure. There’s some Hispanic surnames in there, but Hispanics come from Europe, and Europeans are, you know, bad.

Mr. Lyle Logan is the only black man on the entire NPR board of Directors. Go ahead. Try and spot him.

Earlier this week, in a predictable move, uber-liberal, mega-rich white doood, George Soros, donated 1.8 million dollars through his uber-liberal Open Society Foundations to NPR for the express purpose of hiring 100 new journalists.

Now comes word that one of America’s leading Black journalists, Juan Williams, and  NPR’s only on-air television personality, has been fired by NPR.  

This blogger questions the timing.

Firing Williams was a hasty decision that NPR now admits was poorly handled. To add insult to injury, NPR’s CEO, Vivian Schiller, insinuated that Mr. Williams was in need of psychiatric care. Or something.

It would appear that NPR – like their fellow liberal travelers on the information highway (CNN, MSNBC, etc) – talk a good game about diversity, yet when it comes to the upper echelons of their organizations, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, it looks like white bread and mayonnaise is the main course.

This blogger wants to know, “Why does NPR hate black people?” It’s the only explanation. It’s a conclusion in search of a report issued by the NAACP. The evidence is overwhelming.  The NAACP must seek justice and right this wrong against a clean and articulate black man!

Or not.

I guess the NAACP is busy elsewhere with a broad brush and a big bucket of demagoguery.

Obligatory disclaimer to the obtuse or humorless: All of the above is satire. I do not believe for a Massachusetts’ second that the fine folk who sit on NPR’s board of Directors are a bunch of bigots or racialists who hate black people. I’ll leave that sort of juvenile race-baiting slander to other cretins.

NPR is a government subsidized, non-profit entity with rules and regs, like most other organizations. It can hire and fire whomever it likes (no, it’s not like the Helen Thomas incident). NPR states that it terminated the contract of longtime news analyst Juan Williams after remarks he made on the Fox News Channel about Muslims.  

“When I get on a plane,” Williams told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, “I’ve got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.

Williams claims, “I was fired for telling the truth.”

Sorry, Juan. I disagree. I think NPR merely used that as a pretext. The real problem was you being too cozy with the evil FOX News. From 2008:

“NPR has asked Fox News not to identify its news analyst, Juan Williams, with NPR branding when he appears on Fox News because of outrage among its largely liberal listener-base. And Fox News has happily agreed to do so.

NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard wrote Wednesday that in 2008 she received 378 “complaints and frustrations about things Williams said on Fox,” including claims that Williams “dishonors NPR” and is an “embarrassment to NPR” and that “NPR should severe [sic] their relationship with him.”
Obviously, 378 open minded, progressive, all things considered complaints.

NPR substantiated the point in its public memo about firing Juan Williams:

“Williams’ presence on the largely conservative and often contentious prime-time talk shows of Fox News has long been a sore point with NPR News executives.”

My guess is  NPR’s uber-liberal, mega-rich white doood benefactor, George Soros, doesn’t care much for the evil FOX News, either.

Meanwhile, Fox News just signed Juan Williams to a new three-year contract worth $2 million, and Mr. Williams wasted no time in airing his opinions about his former employer:  Political correctness, character assassination, and intolerance at National Public Radio.

 All things considered, I’d say Juan Williams is the big winner in this kerkuffle.

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