Questioning The Timing

Let’s look at a few simple facts, shall we?

George Soros hates Fox News.

(To be fair, the feeling is mutual. Both see the other as an existential threat to freedom.)

George Soros this week gave 1.8 million dollars to National Public Radio.

He also gave one million dollars to Media Matters for America, who also hates Fox News.

After the donations were announced, NPR fired Juan Williams, who is also a frequent contributor to Fox News.

Media Matters applauded the firing.

No, I don’t think that Soros gave the money to get Williams fired. I don’t buy into some grand conspiracy here.

But there doesn’t have to be a secret plot. Sometimes one doesn’t use money to get people to do things, but to encourage them to continue what they’re already doing.

NPR hasn’t liked having Williams on Fox for some time. Media Matters is waging a jihad against Fox News, and trying to alienate them from any and all connections. Having NPR employees on air gives Fox a whiff of credibility from NPR listeners. And Soros’ antipathy towards Fox is common knowledge.

So, would it be so surprising if NPR should feel emboldened by Soros’ generosity and finally can Williams? And naturally, anything that helps seemingly isolate Fox News — such as losing the bragging rights to having an NPR liberal on air — would send Media Matters into nigh-orgasmic delight. That it would also curry favor with their benefactor would be icing on the cake.

So, Juan Williams gets punished for speaking honestly about his feelings. Note that he did not admit to practicing any kind of discrimination, nor did he endorse any actions based on his feelings. Indeed, he actually stated that he was ashamed of his feelings.

No, that was just the excuse. His real sin — which NPR and their enablers won’t admit — was appearing on Fox News in the first place. That is what triggered the fatwa against him; his refusal to stop associating with the infidels at Fox was the real blasphemy. That just meant that sooner or later, they’d find some excuse to carry out the penalty for apostasy to the liberal theology.

Sorry, Juan. Hope that contract from Fox News helps make up for the loss. But thanks for demonstrating which side actually tolerates dissenting opinions, and which side is a lot closer to being the “American Taliban.”

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