Shades Of Gray

I’m currently wading through a truly voluminous document that needs a thorough excoriating (yes, that’s a teaser), but there’s a few elements in it that I want to tackle separately. This document (which no, I won’t mention until later) hits a lot of standard liberal BS, and I’m going to go one of those here.

The term is “anti-immigrant.” The example cited is Arizona’s law enforcing federal illegal immigration laws, but that’s a fine stand-in for a lot of other points.

I support Arizona’s law. I also support the enforcement of immigration laws across the board, and want more enforcement.

But I am not anti-immigrant.

I welcome immigrants. I believe that they do America a great honor, by choosing to leave their lands of birth and embrace our nation. I even envy them sometimes — they can understand and appreciate America in a way I, as a native-born who’s never lived anywhere else, simply can’t comprehend. I recall once regretting my native-born status when I heard about some immigrants who took their oath of citizenship on board the USS Constitution (“Old Ironsides”) on the 4th of July several years ago. These “new Americans” will likely never take for granted the greatness of our country and the incredible value of citizenship.

What I oppose is illegal immigration. I am greatly angered by those who insult our nation and express their contempt for our laws and rules by coming here illegally. I am even more angered by the insult they render to legal immigrants — they are “line-cutters” who insist that they should be allowed to bypass the rules, and to grant them their demands is to inform those who are playing by the rules that they are fools to do so. We should not — we must not — allow those who are seeking legal immigrant status to be pushed aside by those who don’t want to bother following the legal route.

OK, I gotta wade back into that “report.” It’s so full of stupid, I dunno if I’ll even have the time to debunk it fully…

Grading the Crystal Ball
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