Was Christine O'Donnell's Constitutional gaffe really a gaffe?

Here’s the unfiltered video… you decide:

Rush Limbaugh has decided that the answer is clearly no:

There’s nothing in the Constitution about separation of which you need and state. It was Coons who couldn’t figure out what’s in the Constitution. It’s Coons who didn’t know what he was talking about. And so the panic in the State-Controlled Media, they write a story making it look like O’Donnell doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They had to misquote her and take her out of context in order to make this point. “Are you telling me that that’s in the First Amendment?” meaning, the government cannot officially sponsor a religion. That’s not what she was expressing incredulity over. She was incredulous that somebody was saying that the Constitution said, “There must be separation between church and state.” Those words are not in the Constitution.

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