"The hypocrisy here is just stunning"

Last week, we floated the notion of Obama engaging in psychological defense mechanism, also known as projection.  The topic then was the Obama administration’s attacks on the Chamber of Commerce and the accusation that they are taking foreign money.

This week, The Hill reports that the Dems have raised over a million bucks from funds coming largely from PACs affiliated with foreign companies:

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate alleging GOP groups have funneled foreign money into campaign ads have seen their party raise more than $1 million from political action committees affiliated with foreign companies.

House and Senate Democrats have received about $1.02 million this cycle from such PACs, according to an analysis compiled for The Hill by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Republicans with groups under fire from the White House say the hefty campaign contributions illustrate Democratic hypocrisy.

“Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court and his adversaries over the bogus charge of foreign money tainting elections — while leaders in his own party had taken more than a million dollars from the foreign cookie jar,” said Jonathan Collegio, a spokesman for American Crossroads, the political group at the center of the controversy.

“The hypocrisy here is just stunning,” he said.

Not just stunning but rank.  And typical from this bunch.

These people are soulless.  And they’ll do anything to gain and retain power.

They must be defeated. 

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