Muslim dances on Catholic Holy Altar

The Pope will soon be issuing an Encyclical calling upon the faithful to riot in the streets and otherwise cause bedlam… NOT:

Found at Patrick Madrid’s place, via New Advent. Madrid writes:

Here’s an outrageous story that will likely go unnoticed and unreported by the media. Try to imagine what would happen if a Christian were to perform this same moronic dance in crowded mosque. Do you think he’d leave the building alive? I don’t know if this Muslim is deranged or just maliciously trying to insult and provoke Catholics, but either way, he’s a jackass, and I hope he’s prosecuted for this. May God forgive him.

Well, that basically sums up my feelings, too, except I wonder if the guy is mentally ill.

Either way, this is a moment of dynamic instruction, particularly for those who (like Rosie O’ Donnell, Bill Maher and others) would like to perpetuate the idea that Christian fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism are comparable in temperament and aggression, and would have you think that a Christian is just a terrorist without a boxcutter and a plane. In the response by the Catholics and other Christians (and even offended non-Christians, like Pamela Geller) somehow I don’t think we’ll hear anyone screaming about bloody vengeance in the name of God.

Most Catholics will-like Madrid, and scores of Catholics I know-shake their head at that display, pray for that “dancer” and wonder if the altar should be incensed in order to cleanse it from that insult.

What I find most interesting is that a Google search on their news site returns nothing on this currently… nada… zip… zilch… now imagine what you might find in that same search if a Catholic had done something similar in a mosque somewhere… just imagine it.

Then imagine the Muslim reaction.

This will certainly garner criticism in many a circle… and prayer in many more… prayer that this young man will come to know The Truth and be changed by Him.


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