Fraudulent branding

Kyle-Ann Shiver on the bill of goods sold to America:

Like those who inhaled the toxic smoke of the Marlboro man, only to find themselves stricken with a slow and painful asphyxiation, Obama voters now queue themselves at the unemployment office and the food stamps office and the welfare office in record numbers. But there isn’t enough “change” to go around. And what most of these folks want is not a handout from their neighbors, but a paycheck and the self-respect that goes with it.

Sadly, those most hurt by Barack Obama’s false advertising were those same black voters who invested so much in his candidacy. Black unemployed numbers dwarf those of their white counterparts. By promising things no mere mortal could ever deliver and jumping into a job for which he was dolefully unprepared, those who loved the symbolic racial victory the most have tragically been the ones most hurt by the Obama lie. Instead of still worshiping this man who bamboozled them, black voters ought to be outraged.

Fraudulent branding of the type we saw ubiquitously displayed for this candidate in 2008 should be the consumer lesson of the century when it comes to buying hyperventilated political claims not backed up with cold, hard evidence of past accomplishment.

I would like to think that America has learned a lesson.

November should tell the tale.

H/T Matteo.

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