Available For Clown Parties, Too.


I’ve been down for the count concerning current events for about a month due to some personal issues.

And though this issue is not very pressing, it is amazing that Obama continues to dumb down the electorate with talk-show appearances and History Channel video-ops.

Now, Barry is to be showcased on the “Mythbusters” show.

I used to like the “Mythbusters.”

Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test myths, science experiments, and the possible outcomes of questionable actions.

Everytime I turn on the Discovery Channel, it seems like they are on, but the hour consists of a repeat. Though they seem to have lost their luster recently, is this really, as they like to parrot, “All in the name of science?”

From usatoday.com:


(Barry looks like a Madame Tussuad’s reproduction of a bad Hasbro action figure.)

“The legend: Ancient Greek scientist Archimedes set fire to an invading Roman fleet using mirrors to reflect the rays of the sun, creating fire.

Modern scientists have questioned whether this could happen, and the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters are planning a program on their work featuring a celebrity spokesman: President Obama.

Obama discusses his Dec. 8 appearance on Mythbusters during today’s White House Science Fair, honoring winning exhibits in science, technology, engineering, and math.

The president announced the competition nearly a year ago:

“If you win the NCAA championship, you come to the White House,” Obama said back then. “Well, if you’re a young person and you produce the best experiment or design, the best hardware or software, you ought to be recognized for that achievement, too.”

The Discovery Channel is touting the presidential appearance, which has been taped:

President Obama will be featured in the December 8 MYTHBUSTERS episode, Archimedes Solar Ray, during which he challenges hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to revisit an ancient and somewhat controversial myth: Did Greek scientist and polymath Archimedes set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors and the reflected rays of the sun?

Will Adam and Jamie be able to pull this off, or will they have to report back to the President that they failed?


Christ on Friday.

Does Pres. Hizzidy Wizard have some here-to-for unknown secrets concerning the “Death Ray.” Or is he just looking for a more feasible way to burn Republicans like the pestering ants they are?

Next up? “Prancing with the Czars?”

This jive-turkey is a one-man billboard. Friggin’ pathetic. Pimping himself out as a “celebrity.”

Hey ‘Busters.

Want to prove just how screwed we are?

Try achieving the goal set forth in “Brewster’s Millions.”

But make it “‘Barack’s Trillions.”

See if it is possible to spend a trillion dollars of other people’s money without any benefit to anyone else, just with the stroke of a pen, buying off millions of dollars worth of congressional votes. And in the process, not really letting anyone else know what you are doing.

How about busting the “myth” that more muslims are killed by muslims than “infidels?”

How about taking a simple shovel, sinking it into the ground, and getting paid for it with all of our “infrastructure” job-creation propositions?

What more can be said about someone like this self-aggrandizing, self-promotional, delusional simpleton who believes flashing his caps and activating the satellite dishes he calls ears is worthy of the office he currently holds?

What’s next? Boxers or briefs? Playing sax on a late-night show? Making fun of Special Olympics children?

Oh, wait..

What. An. Ass.

"The hypocrisy here is just stunning"
Corporations are just not playing along