A Buck's A Buck

Well, the Obama regime’s attack on the Chamber of Commerce (lifted entirely and unquestioningly from an leftist extremist blog) is turning into a remarkable own-goal for them.

But let’s take a look at the “foreign money” accusation, and run with that, shall we?

The accusation against the Chamber is that they’re taking foreign money to funnel into American political campaigns. The Chamber has quite a few foreign corporations as members (those who have American subsidiaries) who pay their dues, but the Chamber has said that it strictly segregates those monies away from its political activities.

According to the Obama administration, though, that segregation is a scam. Money is fungible; just because “foreign” money is used for say, rent and utilities, it frees up other money for things the foreign money couldn’t be spent for.

An interesting theory. Let’s run with that for a moment.

One of Obama’s biggest supporters are unions. And the biggest unions are international — they have members and collect dues and contributions from other nations as well. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The SEIU — the Service Employees International Union. The AFL-CIO lists several International unions among its membership.

Another of Obama’s supporters has been Planned Parenthood, which in turn gets hefty amounts of money every year from the federal government. Federal law prohibits public monies from being spent for abortions, so Planned Parenthood tightly segregates its federal funding from the abortions it provides (in excess of 250,000 a year and rising). But according to the Obama administration, the fungibility of money makes such segregation utterly meaningless; the use of federal money for non-abortion expenses just means they can spend more on abortions.

And then there’s the 2008 Obama presidential campaign itself. The law here is even tougher; zero foreign money allowed. All contributions must come from American individuals and organizations. Period. No exceptions, no segregating, no loopholes.

Well, the Obama campaign, when it set up its web site and opened up for donations, deliberately turned off several standard features that would have assured compliance with the various laws. And the foreign money just poured in. We have no idea how much it was, as the Obama campaign made damned certain it was untraceable, but it was significant — Obama’s illegal alien Aunt Zeituini boasted of giving money to her nephew, two Palestinian brothers in Gaza shelled out over $30,000, and other foreigners boasted of having helped “bring about hope and change” in the US.

Note that not only were the donations illegal, but so was the deliberate obfuscating of the funding sources by the campaign — the law requires them to exercise due diligence and take all reasonable precautions to comply with the law, and they actively worked very hard to do just the opposite.

So, let’s consider this: let’s throw the Chamber of Commerce under the bus. Let’s let them get slapped down for participating in domestic politics while accepting foreign money. As long as the rule is applied across the board, and it also takes the unions out of politics, guts Planned Parenthood’s federal subsidy, and cripples Obama’s re-election campaign, it’s more than a fair tradeoff.

But that would involve the left actually playing by the rules they want to impose on others, instead of profiting from the very behavior they denounce in others. They don’t recognize their hypocrisy. And they certainly won’t demand their own allies and supporters live by the same rules as they demand of their opponents.

So the only real reason to bring this up is for entertainment value. To see just what sort of feeble excuses their shills and whores will spout to rationalize and justify their rank hypocrisy and transparent double standards and faux hysteria.

(Cue the resident detractors to jump to the Obama regime’s defense here — galoob, Bruce Henry, Jerry Chandler, I’m talking to you!)

So, that sound fair to you folks?

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