Kick This Ass To The Curb, Arizona

I usually don’t get interested or involved in individual Congressional races; I’m more of a “big picture” kind of guy. But I am the type to draw connections, and one name has sprung up once too often for me to keep quiet.

Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ).

Grijalva has represented Arizona’s 7th District since 2003, and he’s done an outstanding job.

Remember, though, “outstanding” is a value-neutral word.

In 2004, representatives of Code Pink and other associated nutjobs wanted to travel to Fallujah (then the hotbed of the anti-American insurgency, where American contractors had their corpses hung from a bridge) and give the “people” of Fallujah a little token of apology — $600,000 in aid and comfort. They achieved this because they had the support and sponsorship of several members of Congress — including Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Grijalva.

During the fuss over Arizona’s controversial plan to actually enforce immigration laws, a lot of people called for an economic boycott of the state. That ended up doing exactly squat to the state, but one of the louder voices calling for the boycott was… you guessed it, Raul Grijalva.

He had some “questions” about the 2004 elections, and was so troubled that he wanted to invite the UN to “supervise” Americans elections.

He is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the current nom-de-guerre of the socialist/Communist faction.

Finally, I was reading (and getting more and more disgusted and furious) about the stunts pulled by Democratic activist and scumbag (but I repeat myself) Neal Rauhauser. This guy does pretty much everything the Left accuses the right of doing, but since he’s on their side, he gets a pass.

Right smack dab in the middle of the accounts of Rauhauser’s alleged scumbaggery is a reference to some of his Democratic clients — and rather prominently was one Raul Grijalva, who was so satisfied with Rauhauser’s firm’s efforts.

Force yourself to watch that video. That, folks, is the face of the contemporary Democratic party. That’s what the Progressive Movement is all about.

Now, I’m not saying that Grijalva is as big a scumbag as Rauhauser — that’s a nigh-impossible standard. But it’s clear that Grijalva is an enabler of Rauhauser’s — using his campaign and his office to raise money to pay Rauhauser — and that’s almost as bad.

Grijalva’s opponent is the kind of candidate that makes the Looney Left’s heads just asplode all over the place — she’s a Tea Party activist, a mother, a born-again Christian, and a genuine rocket scientist. Ruth McClung has been endorsed by both Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, which oughta make a few heads on the other side asplode a bit, too.

You know what? I don’t care that much about whether or not McClung would make a good Rep. (I think she would, but I’m speculating here). But she would have to work like hell to be worse than Grijalva.

And she’s having a money-bomb today, too!

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