Broken Faith

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama took the oath of office and became the 44th President of the United States. At that moment, the instantly held the allegiance and loyalty of every single man and woman in the United States armed services. He became their Commander In Chief, the highest link in their chain of command.

Sadly, it appears that he has forgotten (or, more likely, never learned) that loyalty — true loyalty — is a two-way street. Because he is breaking faith with the United States military. And he’s doing it in such a way that undermines the very foundations of our system of government.

By law, absentee ballots for military members serving overseas have to be sent out at least 45 days before the election. This is to allow the ballots to find their way to Americans in the furthest-off reaches of the world, be filled out, and returned in time to be counted for the election.

This law — the MOVE Act, standing for “Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act,” one of the less tortuous legislative acronyms — was passed last year. And in its first year, it’s being pretty much ignored.

The Military Voted Protection (MVP) Project has filed a complaint, saying that seven states are at least partially violating it. Their complaint points fingers at Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Further, North Carolina and New York are also apparently assing around with the law.

I recall that the instant I decided that no way in hell should Al Gore EVER be granted any position of power or authority in this or any lifetime: it was during the Florida mess in the 2000 election, when Gore’s campaign prepared and sent out a memo to its agents on how to find technicalities and other flaws in military ballots to get them disqualified. The logic was clear: the military tends to vote Republican, so any disqualified ballot would most likely be for Bush.

So here are thousands and thousands of American citizens, serving their nation, making tremendous sacrifices, and being deprived of not only one of the most fundamental rights of citizenship, but depriving them of their only chance to influence the government that commands their loyalty.

And what is the Obama administration doing about it? What is the Holder Justice Department doing about it?

As we’ve all learned, not a hell of a lot. The voting rights division of the Obama/Holder regime’s Justice Department doesn’t recognize any threatened voting rights except by certain protected minorities. White people, military service members — they’re simply not important enough to merit protection. So they’ve granted waivers to Alaska, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Nevada, North Dakota, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, allowing them to get around having broken the law. They’re also suing New York, Wisconsin, and Guam to get them to get off their asses and let their citizens vote.

Of course, at this point, any settlement or finding will likely come too late for military voters this year. Oh, well. Maybe they’ll iron out the bugs come 2012.

And how will the American service members respond to this gross violation of their rights as American citizens? They’ve already given up a great deal of their rights by agreeing to serve; this one is one of the those they get to keep.

Until now.

I’m not worried about them deciding that since Obama has broken faith with them, they owe him just as much loyalty in return. I have way too much faith in them.

But, dammit, Obama and his cronies ought to. It’s only because their arrogance trumps their ignorance.

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