Jumping on Jay

God knows that jumping on Jay is perilous but what the heck… here I go.

With all due respect Jayster, I think your Fishing for Fatwas piece is over the top.

I believe I’ve been clear about the fact I don’t think highly of Islam… at least I’d hope it’s been clear… but I think your post hinders rather than helps make the case against this twisted and deviant ideology.

It’s like talking about Obama’s ears rather than his ideas… Michelle’s butt rather than her anger toward America… Pelosi’s plastic-ness rather than her policies. In fact, it’s more like the ‘artist’ dropping a crucifix into a jar of urine, or the dude painting homoerotic paintings depicting Christ as a gay guy. It’s un-necessary and crosses a line we’re better off not crossing.

I’m thinking if you have a bone to pick with a religion or a mindset, then pick away but do so with words, substantive words that attack the idea and persuade others to see the wisdom of your point of view.

When you do that which you’ve chosen to do, you’re likely to get a chuckle or two and certainly some attention but in the end, have you advanced the cause, have you undermined the opponent’s positions? I’m thinking not. But maybe that’s not the intention. Not sure.

Islam needs to be faced down intellectually and substantively. You’ve done that facing down in the past.

This one ain’t doing it for me.

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