Not. Helpful.

On Sunday, President Obama was speaking in Philadelphia, and for once the entertainment was supplied by members of the crowd, not the TOTUS (Teleprompter Of The United States).

First up, one asshat made a stab at claiming the million dollars a web site has offered for the first person to streak at an Obama event with the web site scrawled across their chest. He got naked, ran around, and showed off the URL, but was busted quickly by authorities. And the web site owner says as soon as he sees the video (and the guy gets out of jail), he’ll pay him.

Next, someone tossed a book at Obama, narrowly missing him.

No word on what the book was, or who threw it.

Expect a surge of hysteria from the left about how it must have been a Tea Partier, finally indulging in the violence that they’ve been warning us about all along (while their own thugs have been engaging in actual violence).

Anyway, the book missed Obama, so he didn’t have a chance to demonstrate his athletic prowess — unlike President Bush and the shoes in Iraq, he didn’t even have to dodge and it’s questionable if he even saw it coming.

So let’s have a little fun. What book do you think it might have been?

Right off the bat, we can eliminate The Communist Manifesto, Mao’s Little Red Book, and Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals — throwing those at Obama would be redundant.

He probably already possesses an autographed copy of Prairie Fire by William Ayers, et al. (that’s the one that’s dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, among others), so that’s out too.

Bibles and Korans tend to be a bit too revered by their owners to just toss around.

It seemed a bit too beefy to be a copy of the Constitution — funny how the plan to set up the entire US government is so brief, yet ObamaCare ran over 2000 pages. But it certainly would be symbolic enough.

Conversely, it’s too slim to be a copy of Atlas Shrugged, so that’s out. Man, that’s one thick book. Ayn Rand could have used an editor.

Freakonomics and Adam Smith’s The Wealth Of Nations are possibilities, or even P. J. O’Rourke’s recent treatise on Smith’s book.

So, if you were to present a book to President Obama (preferably delivered in some more acceptable method than an overhand lob at his head), which would you choose?

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