Captured British aid worker killed during rescue attempt (UPDATED)

Tragic news coming out of Afghanistan:


A British aid worker kidnapped by militants in Afghanistan has died during a rescue attempt by US special forces.

Linda Norgrove, described by colleagues as an “inspiration”, was killed during a firefight between elite troops and her captors on Friday night,  after one of her kidnappers detonated a suicide bomb

Major Patrick Sieber, a US Army spokesman, indicated yesterday the device had been set off deliberately. “The outcome was entirely because of the hostage-takers – he killed himself and her,” he said.

Helicopter-borne US troops discovered Ms Norgrove mortally wounded after fighting through small-arms fire as they stormed a family compound in Korengal, a remote and mountainous “no man’s land” in Kunar province, northeast Afghanistan.

A British official confirmed: “All the information we have suggests she was killed by an explosion, most likely due to a suicide vest.”

Ms. Norgrove was 36 years old. 

The religion of peace claims yet another innocent life, this one purposed in assisting those in the region embrace the 21st century. 

UPDATE: Reports are now coming in suggesting the young woman was accidently killed by her American rescuers:

Britain’s prime minister said Monday that aid worker Linda Norgrove may have been killed by her American rescuers, rather than her Taliban captors.

David Cameron said that Gen. David Petraeus had told him Norgrove was possibly killed by a grenade detonated by a member of the U.S. rescue team.

But he added that the full facts had not been established.

Cameron said that some evidence “and subsequent interviews with the personnel involved suggests that Linda could have died as a result of a grenade detonated by the task force during the assault,” Cameron said in a news conference.

A terrible tragedy now perhaps made much worse… for the family, for the rescuers.  Prayers abound for all involved.

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