Skin Deep

Over at the Daily Caller, there’s an interesting story: consummate GOP insider (and national chairman) Michael Steele is holding some joint fund-raising appearances with perpetual GOP outsider Sarah Palin.

On the surface, this seems an odd alliance. Palin is exceptionally conservative; Steele a middle-of-the-roader. Palin built her career taking on the establishment GOP; Steele is the head of it.

On other layers, it makes a great deal of sense.

First up, both are loyal to the Republican Party to a certain extent, and the party’s “big tent” covers both of them. This is coming just before the November elections, and it’s a good sign for solidarity within the party for these two to hold hands in public.

Next, both have a bit to offer the other. Steele has had his conservative credentials on numerous occasions and grounds; Palin is ideologically solid on the right. Conversely, Palin could use a bit of street cred with the movers and shakers of the party; they’ve never forgotten that her rise to power came at the expense of taking on (and taking out) the powers that be in Alaska. She could use a chance to show she can “play nice with others” when the others are the party fatcats.

Of course, neither is well respected by the left. Finding someone on the right that the left will admit to respecting can be a challenge, but these two have been consistently singled out for especially hateful treatment.

Finally, they’ve both had their very identities challenged by the left. According to those fine folks, Palin isn’t really a “woman” and Steele isn’t really “black,” because they’re not liberals. Only liberals are entitled to be recognized as minorities, like women or blacks, and those who aren’t are obviously traitors to their identity.

Apparently minorities aren’t free to stray off the liberal plantation and assert their independence. They’re the property of the left, dammit, and if they don’t listen to their massas who know what’s best for them, then they need to be whipped — if for no other reason, than to remind the rest of the chattel to see what happens to those who get too uppity.

So… a Palin/Steele alliance? Interesting. Very interesting, indeed. How this plays out could be quite entertaining.

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