Deficit Is a Myth, Nothing to See Here, Move Along

I saw this video linked at Hot Air and mentioned it to a (fairly liberal) colleague of mine. He gave me a look that said “no one is that dumb” and then started Google searches. When he watched the video his reaction was one of shock and disbelief.

Yes, it turns out, someone can be that dumb. Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL), was quoted as saying the following.

And we will see a terrible price that we will pay years down the road for letting our children down when they need us the absolute most. I’m not going to be part of that, so every minute that I have here is going to be spent debunking the myth that this country’s in debt and we just can’t spend.

I can’t help but link to the video on YouTube.

This is the same Phil Hare that stated that he didn’t care about the Constitution when creating laws. The country truly is in the best of hands.

"blatant untruths, compounded of vindictiveness and ignorance in equal parts"
Rahmming Speed!