If any of these people are Republicans, boot them the hell out of the party permanently

This goes beyond the pale:

After the economy slipped into recession in 2008, millions of Americans received unemployment benefits to make ends meet — including almost 3,000 millionaires.

According to U.S. Internal Revenue Service data, 2,840 households reporting at least $1 million in income on their tax returns that year also collected a total of $18.6 million in jobless aid. They included 806 taxpayers with incomes over $2 million and 17 with incomes in excess of $10 million. In all, multimillionaires reported receiving $5.2 million in jobless benefits.

It’d be interesting to see what percentage of these thieves are in fact Democrats.  My gut tells me it’d be the vast damned majority.

Coming our way via Tom Elias.

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