Obama's words and reality on healthcare reform – the divide widens

Obama back in July of this year:

While it will take a few years to fully implement this law, we can already see it taking effect. Last month, 4 million small business owners found a postcard in their mailbox informing them that they could be eligible for a health care tax cut this year worth tens of thousands of dollars to help them cover their employees. And America’s largest businesses are filling out applications for critical relief to help them provide coverage for retirees who aren’t yet eligible for Medicare.

The reality today:

There is not enough lipstick in the world to cover up this pig:

The Principal Financial Group announced on Thursday that it planned to stop selling health insurance, another sign of upheaval emerging among insurers as the new federal health law starts to take effect.

The company, based in Iowa, provides coverage to about 840,000 people who receive their insurance through an employer.

The NY Times tries to make this out to “posturing”, but not only did 840,000 lose their insurance plans, untold thousands lost their jobs at Principle and it’s associate companies. The Obama duoble-whammy: more uninsured, more unemployed.

And it doesn’t end there:

Today’s Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reports that 3M is dropping its health coverage for retirees thanks to ObamaCare. Oh, and that Medicare program they’ll be herded into, cattle-car style? The Democrats slashed it by $500 billion, so the hundreds of thousands of additional seniors covered should really be in fine fettle.

We are going to pay a very steep price for electing this man and trusting that his elixir would be fixing things.

A very steep price.

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