Gone, Yet Not Forgotten

Hi All!

Been quite some time since I’ve posted a piece here.

I left a small post to my Wizbang mates as to why I’ve not posted in some time.

It has been a combination of medical issues, concerning both myself and my wife, and employment issues, concerning both myself and my wife.

Anyway, as I told my fellow writers, my wife and I have been walking on eggshells, with sleepless nights and bloodshot eyes.

Not a very good situation in which to write thoughts to share with one and all.

As I told my colleagues, I feel a bit of a slug not writing about current events.

But, my wife and I are going through some serious changes, emotionally, concerning our employment, and directions in which our lives will be speeding toward with unguided control.

I pray all will be well. And I ask that any of you will humbly include my wife and I in your prayers.

My thanks to you to all.

It is amazing to me just how profoundly stress and worry can affect one’s ability to keep his focus on the day’s events.

That said, I have found myself almost paralyzed to formulate my thoughts into words meant for you to hear, and for me to want to present.

Many here do not agree with me on issues of which I have written. Many of you do.

I appreciate both sides.

Forgive me my absence.

It has just been an extremely confusing episode.

Honestly. Just writing this bit of sharing seems to help.

Thanks to all who understand.

I don’t know why, but I feel a bit of a resurgence approaching.

Your liberal hating friend,


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