A Gathering Of Scum

Well, today the NAACP is holding its “One Nation Working Together” rally in DC, all united behind a message of… um… er… well, a whole laundry list of “social justice” causes:

  • Provide immediate relief for those who are currently unemployed.
  • Extend jobless benefits, COBRA, mortgage assistance, and other initiatives for those currently out of work.
  • Target help for populations and communities in the greatest need
  • Ensure that all people have access to affordable, high quality education throughout their lives, from pre-school through college
  • Provide for teacher training and support necessary to continuously improve classroom practice and serve students better
  • Refocus Our Nation’s Fiscal Priorities
  • End the foreclosure epidemic and save the homes of America’s families
  • Reform bankruptcy laws to protect families and working people
  • Prioritize affordable housing for all

And, in pursuit of those goals, they’ve assembled a mighty coalition of organizations to get bodies into DC. Including a lot of organizations that, quite frankly, ought to have been excluded (or, at least, not cheerfully welcomed and embraced) to the march. Here are a few that jumped out at me:

  • Sojourners: the far-left allegedly religious coalition secretly funded by George Soros.
  • The SEIU: Barack Obama’s purple-shirted Brute Squad.
  • Rainbow PUSH Coalition: Jesse Jackson’s non-profit that he used to pay off his mistress after she bore his illegitimate daughter. Hired former Congressman and convicted sex offender Mel Reynolds after his release from prison.
  • National Council of La Raza: “La Raza” is Spanish for “The Race.” They’ve faced numerous charges of being racial separatists and supremacists.
  • AFL-CIO: A subsidiary of La Cosa Nostra, Inc.
  • Democracy For America: Howard Dean’s private PAC.
  • International Socialist Organization: the name says it all.
  • Detroit Democratic Socialists Of America: see above.
  • Democratic Socialists of America: see above, again.
  • Communist Party USA: COME ON, PEOPLE!
  • ANSWER Coalition: literally, a Communist front group.
  • Coffee Party Progressives: yet another astroturfed attempt to discredit the Tea Party movement.
  • Code Pink: the anti-war psychopaths and sociopaths who found common cause with the lunatic Cindy Sheehan.

Now, of course, all these groups have every legal right to exist, let alone hold their public events. But no one is obligated to cooperate with them, to find common cause, to lend their own credibility at joint events. Indeed, it can easily be argued that other groups have an obligation to distance themselves from groups that they find repugnant.

Hell, it’s done to the Right all the time. Remember the huge stir when the John Birch Society was allowed to sponsor CPAC? And man, the Birchers are just nuts, not dangerous nuts. I can’t recall the last time a Bircher event led to a single arrest — please contrast with Code Pink, La Raza, or any of the countless unions on the list.

The NAACP is willing to side with racists, thugs, criminals, socialists, Communists, and who knows what else is on that list in order to advance their goals.

Noted and logged, NAACP. And this will be remembered the next time you bring up the occasional rogue nuts (and occasional leftist plants) that show up at Tea Party events.

Because at the Tea Party events, unlike your own event today, they weren’t expressly and cordially invited to attend.

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