Scott Brown Indicted In Massachusetts

No, not Senator Scott Brown. Detective Scott Brown of the Framingham, MA PD.

It seems that Detective Brown was answering a call — not a dispatch call, but the call of nature — in someone’s yard when that someone objected to his back-to-nature position on irrigation on her property. He told her to shut up and let him continue God’s work. The lady’s husband pulled up in a golf cart, exchanged words over the officer’s choice of micturational environs, and the discussion concluded with a drawn gun (an actual, real gun, not a metaphor).

Fortunately (for justice — unfortunate for the officer and those who had to review the whole sorry story), the whole incident was captured on security camera footage, and Detective Brown has been indicted for assault with a dangerous weapon (no, his service pistol) and making threats.

No word on any potential damage to the family’s landscaping, or if the bushes are planning their own lawsuit.

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