The Chicago Way comes to California's gubernatorial race

Last night I published a post about the Chicago Way coming to Michigan’s First Congressional District. The Michigan Democratic Party is smearing Dan Benishek with the false accusation that he tried to hide income in order to reduce his child support payments. I explained in my post why the Democrats’ claims were false, after which I ended with this:

The lesson we need to learn from this sorry episode doesn’t have anything to do with Dan Benishek at all. It’s that the Democrats use political tactics that are so sleazy and dishonest that we can’t help but come to the conclusion that they will sink to any level that is necessary in order to fulfill their own political needs.

The Democrats and their advocates are proving me right again. The election is only a few weeks away and suddenly Jerry Brown supporter Gloria Allred is claiming that Meg Whitman and her husband Dr. Griffin Harsh knowingly employed an illegal alien by the name of Nicky Diaz Santillan from 2000 to 2009. The Democrats may think they just successfully sabotaged Whitman’s chances at winning in November, but reports of Whitman’s campaign’s demise are premature. Here are the facts as we know them right now:

Meg Whitman hired Ms. Santillan from an employment agency in Menlo Park, to which Ms. Santillan provided both a California drivers licence and social security card. Ms. Whitman was given copies of those documents which can be viewed here. She also also kept a copy of Ms. Santillan’s application, which included no less than three other previous employers.

Ms. Santillan claims Ms. Whitman and her husband knew she was illegal when they received a letter from the Social Security Administration informing them that the social security number Ms. Santillan gave them didn’t match their records. After Ms. Whitman and her husband denied receiving a letter about Ms. Santillan’s immigration status, Ms. Allred produced it. However, the letter she gave to the media wasn’t about Ms. Santillan’s immigration status at all, but about her retirement, survivorship, and disability insurance. Further, the letter said explicitly that it was not to be used as a statement about Ms. Santillan’s immigration status. Here’s the pertinent paragraph that Ms. Allred wants everyone to ignore:

Letter from SSA.jpg

Ms. Allred’s claim that this letter proves that Meg Whitman knew that Ms.Santallan was illegal is not just a gross misrepresentation; it’s an outright lie. The letter that Ms. Allred claims is the smoking gun says the exact opposite of what she claims. How can a letter that so clearly states is not to be used as a statement about an employee’s immigration status raise a red flag about an employee’s immigration status? Whitman campaign representatives addressed this in a phone interview with TMZ.

It’s important to note that whether Ms. Whitman’s husband Dr. Harsh saw or didn’t see the letter is wholly irrelevant. Allred claimed that Whitman and Harsh received a letter that confirmed Ms. Santillan’s status as an illegal alien. The letter she produced that bears Dr. Harsh’s handwriting was not that letter.

The owners of the employment agency issued a public statement today in which they said Ms. Santillan provided them with fraudulent documentation as well. I’m sure they don’t appreciate her putting their business in jeopardy with her lies.

I hope this scheme blows up in Allred’s, Santillan’s, and Brown’s faces. Granted, there isn’t any proof that Jerry Brown had anything to do with this, but the timing of Allred’s stunt can only benefit him and at just the right time, when Whitman started overtaking Brown in the polls.

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