Obama Linked To Houston Voter Fraud Scandal

Oh, my. The voter fraud situation in Houston — which may have started with the burning of voting machines, but now has developed into a full-fledged ACORN-esque mess of fraudulent voter registrations — and it looks like it goes all the way up to President Obama himself.

The fraudulent voter registrations were the product of a group called Houston Votes, an ACORN Lite. Houston Votes volunteers were recruited through President Obama’s web site, www.barackobama.com. (He doesn’t actively run it, but turned it over to his campaign staff after the election, now operating as “Organizing For America.”) And one of the chief recruiters was a local Democratic activist (a very active one) named Maria Isabel.

To call Isabel “active” would be like describing Jeffrey Dahmer as “a man of interesting appetites.” She once brought a friend and fellow organizer for www.barackobama.com to a health care town hall hosted by crazy whackjob Representative Sheila Jackson Lee. The friend stood up and said that she, as a doctor, backed ObamaCare. But the friend was about as much of a doctor as I am.

And even further back, Isabel ran a campaign office directly for then-Senator Obama’s campaign — where she hung an American flag between a “Peace” banner and a Che Guevara poster.

(Hat tip: Patterico)

So here we have a Democratic activist who reveres the sociopathic serial killer Communist Che Guevara, helped engineer an attempted fraud at a health care forum, and is now linked to a massive voter fraud scam in Houston — and is a key member of www.barackobama.com.

Obviously this woman has no business getting involved in elections or voter registrations, considering her history of engaging in or turning a blind eye to gross dishonesty and deception of this magnitude.

No, with qualifications like these, she ought to be an Obama cabinet nominee, or helping to run (into the ground) the Obama/Holder Justice Department.

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