Why Britain is no longer Great

This news from England is a sure sign of that country’s decline:

From ‘guyliner’ to ‘manscara’, more than three million men in Britain confess to regularly wearing make-up.

One in seven so-called metrosexual men use a variety of products traditionally aimed at women, such as eye-liner, fake tan and spot or blemish concealer, it has been revealed.

Of the men who use make-up, more than one in four do it at least once a week.
Long gone are the days when lipstick and eyeliner were reserved for women, as new findings show that 3.3 million men in the UK admit to wearing make-up or other cosmetic products.

The most popular products that male cosmetics-users use include hair dye, eye creams, anti-ageing products, eye liner and fake tan.

Other cosmetics used by men include spot concealer, face powder, nail varnish and even lipstick.

The inevitable by-product of a culture embracing liberalism, the emasculation of men. 

May this sort of thing stay on that side of the Atlantic.

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