Ground Zero Mosque Imam: Project meant to prevent similar attack

In yet another veiled threat, this time on 60 Minutes, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf lays claim to why the mosque must be built:

The imam behind the controversial plan to build a Muslim culture center near the site of New York’s Sept. 11 attack said Sunday the project is meant to prevent a similar attack.

In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” program, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said he feels duty bound to help protect non-Muslim Americans from such violence.

Rauf said building the center, which will include a prayer room, two blocks from the destroyed World Trade Center is “the right thing to do.”

Asked if it was insensitive to build the center so close to Ground Zero, Rauf said: “We wanted to prevent another 9/11. We wanted a platform to strengthen the voice of the moderates.”

Saying that the “campaign for winning hearts and minds is an important part” of any military fight against radical extremists from his faith, Rauf said he was “ready willing and able to serve our country and serve our faith tradition.”

“If 9/11 happens there again, I want to be the first to die,” said Rauf, who was born in Kuwait and is an naturalized American citizen. “It’s my duty as an American Muslim to stand between you, the American non-Muslim, and the radicals who are trying to attack you.”

You get the gist? He builds the mosque, he prevents an attack… he doesn’t build the mosque, an attack is more likely…

I’m thinking that if he really want to be the first to die, if he really wants to stand between us American non-Muslims and the radicals trying to attack us, can’t he do that in Afghanistan?


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