The Price Of Astroturf

These past few weeks haven’t been very good for those who dismiss the “George Soros is an evil genius out to remake the world” notion as a whacked-out conspiracy theory.

First up, the liberal religious coalition known as Sojourners had to walk back a little on their previous statements regarding their funding sources. It went from “we got nothing from George Soros” to “we got nothing from George Soros, if by ‘nothing’ you mean $325,000 funneled through one of his favorite front groups.”

So much for Sojourner’s Truth.

Then, it was announced that Soros had given (openly, this time) $100 million dollars — that’s $100,000,000 — to Human Rights Watch. This isn’t a matter of Soros buying the group; he didn’t need to. They already agree with much of his anti-Zionist, anti-Western prejudices. This was simply a matter of rewarding them for agreeing with him, and helping them advance his agenda.

Now, it turns out that the liberal Jewish activist group, “J Street,” which has billed itself as a liberal (but officially non-partisan) activist group that pushed for a “new” approach to peace in the Middle East (which seemed to boil down to “Israel, you lay down your weapons and make nice, and the Arabs will then put down theirs and everyone will sing Kumbayah”) and bashed the traditional supporters of Israel.

Oh, and they really, really didn’t like neocons like me. And they don’t care much for Soros — they’ve been accused from the outset of being lackeys of his, and have denied it. In fact, Soros explicitly said he wasn’t going to get involved with J Street, and their head actually whined that it sucked how they were getting all the drawbacks of being tied to Soros, and none of the benefits.

Well, it turns out that their funding has a pretty narrow base. Since they were established in 2008, they’ve raised about 1.6 million dollars. Roughly half came from some guy in Hong Kong that nobody seems to know anything about, and another third came from Soros, his family, and his front groups. Which means that only about one dollar in six came from anyone else.

And Mr. Ben-Ami is currently being fitted with a Pinocchio nose.

It might be time to dust off the old pictures of Soros as Dr. Evil…

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