Lie Down With Dogs…

It seems that every time there’s a Tea Party gathering of some sort, the narrative goes forth: find the fringe elements, the less than reputable attendees, and denounce the whole gathering for not properly policing the event, not purging the more extreme whackjobs, and not properly distancing themselves from the “bad” people. Tea Party gatherings are defined by their most extreme elements, and the worst present set the standard by which all are judged.

On the other hand, when the Left has its gatherings, their nuts and fringe elements and extremists are downplayed or ignored altogether. It’s painted as a grass-roots movement, The People united (no matter how much astroturfing is done, how many big organizations are underwriting the whole exercise).

Remember the narrative: one idiot with a “NIGGER” poster at a Tea Party means the whole group is racist for… I dunno, all ganging up and beating the snot out of the pinhead. On the other hand, the presence of union thugs, paid protesters, socialists, racial separatists and supremacists (the “right” kind — meaning non-white), and their ilk, are just proof of the mass appeal of the movement. It’s not fair to judge the entire gathering based on the beliefs of a segment.

Even when the morally deplorable group in question is specifically invited to attend.

The Democrats organizing their October 2 event are specifically saying that they’ll be glad to have Marxists and Communists march and stand beside them.

But for heaven’s sake don’t even think of judging them on that. Why, that would be wrong.

You only do that to the Right.

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